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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it possible to run both batch and real-time marketing campaigns?

    Yes, it is definitely possible to run both batch and real-time campaigns with Evam Marketing Suite. This comprehensive platform allows enterprises to create and execute batch, real-time and hybrid campaigns that incorporate both batch and real-time steps in one seamless scenario. For example, you could start with a batch campaign that sends SMS messages to a large segment of your audience. Then, as customers interact with your campaign, their actions can trigger real-time actions across various channels. With Evam, business users can create these real-time logic workflows without having to deal with complex data streams. Instead, they can visually map out the journey of events, devices, and systems using an actor-based approach. The benefit of this approach is that it allows marketers to create highly personalized and targeted campaigns that respond in real-time to customer behaviors. Overall, Evam’s Marketing Module provides a powerful tool for businesses looking to optimize their marketing efforts and drive better results.

  • Is it easy to create and manage customer journeys with Evam Marketing Suite?

    Evam Marketing Suite provides an intuitive platform that puts business users in control. Unlike other event processing platforms that require developers or data analysts to create business logic through code or SQL, Evam enables both technical and non-technical resources to design batch, real-time and hybrid scenarios. Creating customer journeys with Evam is easy and straightforward. Marketers can quickly execute campaigns using campaign workflows and add notes to campaign journeys. Evam uses an actor-based approach to manage real-time events and enable business users to design scenarios. Rather than dealing with complex data streams, business users can visually draw the journeys of their events/devices/systems and determine the actions to take at each step. These drawings/scenarios visually depict all the logic, making it easier for business users to create and manage customer journeys.

  • How does Evam Marketing Suite determine the optimum channel to reach and engage customers?

    Evam Marketing Suite is designed to help enterprises reach their customers through the most effective channels possible. Our software utilizes customer data and analytics to determine the right channel, message, and timing for engaging with each individual customer. To achieve this, Evam offers a decisioning module that centralizes all of the decision-making logic for both ML-based and rule-based decisioning. This module supports both real-time and batch algorithms that can run within Evam or on other systems for maximum flexibility. In addition, Evam provides business users with a powerful visual interface that allows them to define how decisions will be made and choose which machine learning algorithms to use for each request. This state-of-the-art technology enables businesses to optimize marketing campaigns and achieve the best possible results. Overall, Evam’s Decisioning module is a critical component of our Marketing Suite, providing businesses with the insights and tools they need to engage with their customers in the most effective ways possible.

  • Can Evam Marketing Suite integrate into all data sources, legacy and online?

    Evam’s all-in-one marketing hub gathers data in real time from both legacy and online data sources. This enables businesses to gain up-to-date insights into customer behavior and engagement, which can be used to optimize their marketing efforts and improve customer experiences. To accomplish this, Evam uses API connections or pre-built listeners to integrate to all of a business’s core systems without the middleware and observe the behavior of each customer. Based on triggers set up to monitor customer activities, EVAM creates personalized reactions to best suit each customer’s needs in real time. This is achieved through visually scripted customer journeys that allow for straightforward reactions at the perfect time for each customer. For more complex responses, Evam uses machine learning to analyze customer behavior and improve the offers and services provided to customers over time.

  • Can EVAM’s real-time multichannel marketing hub track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns?

    Absolutely! One of the key strengths of EVAM’s real-time multichannel marketing hub is its ability to track the effectiveness of campaigns and actions. With EVAM Insights, you can gain access to real-time data from both Evam and your own databases, allowing you to monitor the performance of your marketing campaigns and actions in real-time. This means that you can quickly identify areas where your campaigns may be underperforming and make adjustments to your strategies accordingly. You can also optimize your marketing efforts based on the real-time insights you gain from EVAM Insights, ultimately helping you to achieve better results and drive more conversions. In addition, EVAM Insights can help you to demonstrate the real impact of your marketing campaigns to key stakeholders. By providing detailed analytics and performance metrics, you can show the ROI of your marketing efforts and make a strong case for continued investment in your marketing programs. Overall, EVAM’s real-time multichannel marketing hub is a powerful tool for any business looking to optimize their marketing efforts and drive real results.

What our customers are saying

Success Story -
Thanks to real-time data processing technologies with Evam, we also have the advantage of avoiding operational costs by getting the service over a single platform instead of working with multiple companies . We carry out real-time campaigns and can continue mass communication campaigns through Evam products.
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Bora Uludüz, CEO
Success Story - BELBIM
Through our collaboration with Evam, we’re digitalizing our payment systems in Istanbul, and transforming Istanbul into a smart city through the power of technology.
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Ceyda Ünal
Chief Marketing Officer
Success Story - TURKCELL
We appreciate EVAM for their collaboration and endless support in turning our marketing automation story into a success. In this day and age when communication and digitalization are becoming more important than ever, we’re able to continue providing full service to our customers thanks to our strategic areas of focus.
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İnanç Çakıroğlu
Artificial Intelligence & Analytics Solutions Director
Success Story - Jazz
Our ambition is to become a next-gen enterprise, by leveraging best-in-class technologies in this ever-changing digital landscape, to provide our customers with a unique experience. This is the driving force for our partnership with EVAM.
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Kazim Mujtaba
Chief Data & Strategy Officer
Success Story - MTS
Can we realise every idea we want with Evam? Yes, we can. The interface is very flexible, so we can embed everything we want. We can operate quickly for a better time-to-market, which helps us monitor data flow and the results of our ideas in real-time dashboards.
Success Story - KAPITAL BANK
We are very glad to work with EVAM. It is amazing how easily EVAM allows us to create a full customer journey in the scenarios we build in the direction of 'Customer Satisfaction', 'Activation', 'Sales', 'Usage', 'Loyalty', 'Service' and helps us improve and strengthen our CRM. Most importantly, being able to take real-time action prevented potential customer dissatisfaction and increased our hit rate 3-4 times by sending messages at the right time.
Success Story - GARANTİ BBVA
Evam's solution has enabled us to set the digital trends by shortening the time from idea to production to a matter of days.
Success Story - HOPİ
Every day with our 8M customers, we process 15M data, including real-time location, from 40 different sources. With Evam, we have increased our campaign success rates from 3% to 18%.
Murat Taşbaş
HOPI - IT Director
Success Story - ZUBİZU
Evam brings us to the next level in customer journey orchestration and gives us 4Rights: right customer, right channel, right moment & right offer.
Selin Ertuğrul
ZUBİZU - Campaign & Communication Channel Manager
We are providing more comfortable journeys for our guests with real-time notifications with Evam Actions. Thanks to Evam, we were awarded the title of 'Digital Trailblazer' in IDC's Digital Transformation Awards, and scored high in the International Business Excellence Awards in the 'Customer Experience' category in 2019.