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Engage customers in moments that matter,
maximize conversion rates and revenue while minimizing churn

Collect high-quality data, predict customer needs and deliver the most tailored offers in real-time through the right channel


Collect High-Quality

Collect customer data across all of your channels, including legacy ones and process them in real-time.


Discover Customer

Understand each customer’s needs and attract, engage, and retain them more effectively.


Design Customer

Implement strategies for customer engagement, offer a personalized experience for each customer to create exceptional value.


Predict with Deep
Learning & ML

Show the next best offer through marketing automation solutions with AI-based predictive technology.


Act in
Real Time

Take action on billions of data when it is generated or published, measured in microseconds from online & legacy channels simultaneously.


Visualize & Monitor
Customer Journey

Analyze every customer interaction and optimize the instant reports through the dashboard.

Analyst Reports

A leading platform for real-time & cross-channel customer experiences

Evam’s capabilities for contextual and moments-based marketing are recognized in “The Cross Channel Marketing Hubs Landscape” report by Forrester.

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Evam is recognized as one of the customer-centric analytics platforms at the Gartner’s Market Guide for Event Stream Processing.

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Evam Empowers You

Deliver on customer expectations for in-the-moment hyper-personalized experiences
across all touchpoints, in real time


A proven continuous intelligence platform

600+ Million


20+ Billion

Daily processed event


Next best offer


Response time

Inspiring Cases

Discover why leading organizations work with Evam

BELBIM has achieved to digitalize the payment systems in Istanbul and reached its goal of transforming Istanbul into a smart city through the power of technology with EVAM.
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Leading telecommunication and technology services provider Turkcell has doubled the mobile telecom consumers’ next best offer acceptance rate with Evam.
1 /, Turkey’s first and largest digital insurance marketplace, had a 40% increase in insurance renewal rates with Evam.
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Kapital Bank
Kapital Bank
Kapital Bank Increases Credit Card Activation Rate by 10% with EVAM
1 /
Global Telco
Global Telco
Global Telco Increases Campaign Success Rate with EVAM
1 /
American Telco
American Telco
One of the Largest Wireless Carriers in the United States Decreases Operational Costs by 10%
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What our customers are saying

Bora Uludüz
Bora Uludüz
As, we serve 7 million customers, all with ever-changing needs and circumstances. Thanks to Evam’s real-time data processing technology, we’re able to carry out real-time scenarios that can address those needs and circumstances with the right offers and create a better customer experience overall.
İnanç Çakıroğlu
İnanç Çakıroğlu
Artificial Intelligence &
Analytics Solutions Director at Turkcell
We achieved our goal of accelerating the MarTech transformation, improving our real-time marketing capabilities, and reaching our customers in new ways with our business partner Evam over the years. We appreciate EVAM’s collaboration and endless support in turning our marketing automation story into a success.
Ceyda Ünal
Ceyda Ünal
Chief Marketing Officer
As BELBIM, we’re digitalizing our payment systems in Istanbul and pursuing our goal of transforming Istanbul into a smart city through the power of technology. Through our collaboration with EVAM, we were able to present our users with valuable campaigns via our Istanbulkart services. The projects we’ve been developing for over a year with the goal of increasing customer loyalty have also increased user satisfaction. We have widened the scope of our user base. As an organization that prioritizes municipal social services, we have taken steps to ensure we can come up with innovative solutions that are able to respond to ever-changing community needs.


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