Telco Life Cycle


On Boarding
Better Customer Experience
Campaigns based on Real-Time Usage

Managing IoT Devices

Churn Prevention
Contract Renewal

Telecommunication industry is being transformed once again. It is getting harder for operators to increase revenues and ARPU as data usage increases and the price per MB goes down. Managing the customer value with next generation real-time tools that generates value for the customer and creates value for the operator is more important than ever.

On the other hand the transformation of the industry is creating opportunities in new domains such as IoT cross-industry partnerships (such as mHealth and mPayments) and other emerging domains. Operators need a real time platform that can serve the needs of the existing business domains as well as the new emerging domains to create and increase their revenues.

EVAM is the event stream processing platform to power the operator of the future by supporting and creating value through old as well as new business models in the telecommunications domain.