tbi is on a mission to make banking easier and more convenient for its customers. That’s why the mobile-first challenger bank, is taking customer engagement to the next level by joining forces with Evam, the leading MarTech company. 

As a bank committed to making banking easy and convenient, tbi is constantly looking for innovative ways to enhance the mobile banking experience. By leveraging Evam’s cutting-edge martech solutions, tbi can provide its customers with real-time, hyper-personalized experiences that meet their daily needs.

The partnership has already yielded impressive results in tbi’s Bulgaria region, where the bank automated its offline sales campaigns and implemented event-based communication both for sales campaigns and mobile bank onboarding and usage. Now, tbi plans to launch the Evam Marketing Suite in some of its other markets of operations. This expansion will enable the bank to continue its mission of providing an improved mobile banking experience while solidifying its position as a leading mobile-first challenger bank in the Southeast European region.

With tbi and Evam working together, the future of mobile banking is looking brighter than ever.

Quote from tbi

tbi is one of the leaders in retail lending in Bulgaria and we already have more than 1mln addressable customers. Depending on the product, 70-95% of our sales are done for existing customers. We are concentrating on digitalization and enabling new products and channels both for existing and new customers. 
Our decision to partner with Evam was based on its ability to easily connect with other IT systems to gather necessary data points and its flexibility in building both offline and event-based campaigns. As a result of our collaboration, all of our offline campaigns are now automated, and the team has begun enabling event-based campaigns, resulting in a 1.5-2x increase in conversion rates for some customer segments. 
Also, Evam helps supporting customer needs in our tbi bank app with our new product neon debit card which is giving them 24/7 access to free daily banking, using a preapproved shopping limit, options for convenient savings, and interest-free split payments. Evam is the key element in our strategy toto enhance further our customers’ satisfaction and convenience through digital channels.”

Evgeniy Matros, Chief Customer Officer at tbi bank.

Quote from Evam

We’re honored to collaborate with tbi bank, a mobile-first innovative bank with a strong focus on customer needs. Our commitment to delivering innovative and effective marketing solutions aligns perfectly with tbi’s mission to provide exceptional customer experiences and drive growth. We’re excited to leverage our expertise in MarTech to create real-time, hyper-personalized customer journeys for tbi’s millions of end-users. 

Evam CEO Bülent Demirkurt

About tbi bank

𝐭𝐛𝐢 bank is a mobile-first challenger bank in South East Europe and a regional leader in alternative payment solutions, building an ecosystem by combining financing and shopping to address customers’ needs. It focuses on helping merchants to grow their businesses as well as providing consumers with financial products and services that make their lives easier. Currently operates in Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Germany, and Lithuania. Through various digital channels and trusted partnerships with nearly 20,000 merchant locations, 𝐭𝐛𝐢 has a customer base of 2 million clients and issued nearly 550,000 loans in 2022. Its business model and customer-focused approach resulted in its becoming one of the most profitable and efficient banks in the region.

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