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Evam Customer Journey Orchestration

Evam is a leading technology company specializing in customer journey orchestration through Continuous Intelligence capabilities. It empowers telecommunication, banking, airline, retail, and industrial companies to process billions of touchpoints and take the right action in real-time to derive maximum business value.

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Evam's Unique Solutions

Evam’s unique solutions help enterprises explore the power of big data and benefit from continuous, high-frequency insights with great impact.

Evam Unique Solution

Evam gives enterprises the ability to take the right actions from the right channel in real-time, and successfully answer business challenges such as customer acquisition, retention, and satisfaction, increasing revenue fraud detection, and reducing operational costs.

With Evam, a telecommunication or banking company can retain customers by making a specialized offer at the critical moment. An airline or retail company can organize a personalized service to make its customers more satisfied and happier. A factory can analyze the machines in the production line, detect anomalies, and make predictive maintenance to avoid unexpected operational costs.

The main components of EVAM Continuous Intelligence Platform are; a customer Journey / Event Processing Engine: “Evam Actions”, a real-time machine learning and decisioning hub: “Evam Intelligence” and an enterprise cache: “Evam Enterprise Cache”.

There is also an IoT edition of the platform, “Evam Rule of Things”, available as a SaaS application hosted on AWS.

About Gartner

Evam is recognized by Gartner as the "leader in real-time customer engagement and streaming analytics." Evam's solutions are currently used by the world's leading companies and help them interact daily with over 500 million customers in more than 35 countries.

500 Million
35+ Countries
18 Billion
Events Per Day