Discover how Turkcell has doubled the next-best-offer acceptance rate

The company has more than 100+ automated personalization strategies on EVAM, the next best offer platform. EVAM Actions processes 1.8 billion events per day and implements over 200 complex real-time marketing & cx scenarios in just milliseconds.

What Our Customer Saying

İnanç Çakıroğlu

‘’We achieved our goal of accelerating the MarTech (marketing technology) transformation, improving our real-time marketing capabilities, and reaching our customers in new ways with our business partner Evam over the years. We can see our customers’ behavior and meet their needs faster by using the real-time data analytics technology in the RTA (Real Time Analytics) Platform that we implemented in collaboration with Evam. For Turkcell, the RTA Platform processes 1.8 billion data points per day and implements over 200 complex real-time marketing and customer experience scenarios in milliseconds. This way, we can reach our customers at the right time, through the right channel, with the right offer. As a result, we managed to double both our mobile consumers’ offer acceptance rate and our customer retention rate. Through the RTA Platform, we can carry out both real-time and mass communication campaigns. We appreciate EVAM for their collaboration and endless support in turning our marketing automation story into a success. In this day and age when communication and digitalization are becoming more important than ever, we’re able to continue providing full service to our customers thanks to our strategic areas of focus.’’

İnanç Çakıroğlu

Artificial Intelligence & Analytics Solutions Director

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