How tbi bank Reshaped Its Event-Based Marketing Strategy

As a leading challenger bank that operates in Eastern Europe and a premier provider of alternative payment solutions, tbi bank stands out from its competitors with its customer-centric approach and innovative business model. Embracing this philosophy, tbi bank embarked on the mission to craft an agile and sophisticated customer re-engagement strategy, with the aim of delivering hyper-personalized experiences to its valued customers. Recognizing the imperative of a real-time customer engagement hub in light of its strategic shift towards a mobile app and the introduction of its new card product 'neon,' the bank sought a strategic partnership with Evam.

Through its collaboration with Evam, tbi bank set out to elevate its customer experience, re-engagement efforts, and customer retention using an event-driven methodology. The integration of Evam Marketing Suite into the bank's core banking system, front-end infrastructure, card processing systems, mobile application, contact center operations, and external courier services has empowered tbi bank with Evam's advanced event processing capabilities and real-time campaign management tools. These resources have been instrumental in helping the bank achieve its business objectives while ensuring unparalleled customer satisfaction and unwavering loyalty.

Discover the full story of how Evam's partnership has enabled tbi bank to:

- Improve customer experience and educate them
- Segment customers for informed offerings
- Enhance customers’ cross-channel journeys
- Utilize a Test & Learn approach.

What Our Customer Saying

Igor Shumytskyy

"Embedding Evam's solution in the re-engagement and retention activities, as well as in the improvement of customer experience with the mobile app and neon card was instrumental in our success. It allowed us to challenge the market with complex products while having a comprehensive view of the entire customer journey and excelling at managing our customers' experience."

Igor Shumytskyy

tbi bank "Head of Campaign Engineering"

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