How Home Credit Bank Kazakhstan Achieved a 6x Higher Conversion Rate

With a commitment to delivering high-quality service and innovative solutions to its customers, Home Credit Bank Kazakhstan was seeking an effective way to engage customers in real-time.

The company's primary goal was to provide personalized offers and recommendations to its customers in real-time and increase conversion rates. To achieve this level of engagement, they needed a solution that would allow for the fastest deployment of campaigns possible.

Considering Evam's effortless installation, seamless adaptation, and hassle-free integration, the bank decided to partner with Evam to utilize its customer journey orchestration solution.

This partnership led to a transformation of the bank's interaction channels with an event-based marketing strategy, ultimately resulting in boosted conversion rates, hyper-targeted experiences, and an increased number of active users.

Download our case study to explore how partnering with Evam also enabled Home Credit Bank Kazakhstan to:

  • Achieve contextual customer engagement
  • Introduce complex event processing capabilities to its operational processes
  • Reactivate its dormant portfolio
  • Acquire a data-driven approach to understanding customer needs, preferences, and satisfaction

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