Discover how Garanti BBVA has delivered hyper-personalized experiences through digital and physical channels

Recognizing the pivotal role of technology in delivering exceptional service, Garanti BBVA, Turkey's second-largest private bank , has consistently invested in strengthening its technological infrastructure through its cutting-edge "Technological Center of Excellence," known as Garanti BBVA Technology . Both Garanti BBVA and Garanti BBVA Technology continuously strive to surpass customer expectations by leveraging actionable data to enhance agility and offer personalized experiences that set them apart from their competitors.

To achieve this ambitious goal, Garanti BBVA Technology sought a solution that could capture real-time data and enable informed decision-making and personalized customer offerings. That's where Evam came into the picture. By partnering with Evam and leveraging its best-in-class technology and proven real-time scenario orchestrator, Garanti BBVA were able to achieve remarkable results within a short span of six weeks.

Download our case study to explore how Evam’s partnership enabled Garanti BBVA to:

-Simplify the Marketing Stack
-Increase time-to-market
-Build real-time scenarios
-Create hyper-personalized experiences.

What Our Customer Saying


"Thanks to Evam, we've been able to adopt a real-time personalized campaign model alongside the mass campaign model. But more than that, Evam has been our strategic partner throughout our three-year journey. Together, we've developed this tool, with minor and major releases, to meet our evolving needs. The product's flexibility has allowed it to evolve based on our requirements, and the managed services team has been responsive to all our requests and needs. Our highly customized use of Evam is only possible through the collaborative and dedicated partnership we've established. I believe this approach sets Evam apart from other tools in the industry, and we're grateful for their ongoing support."


Garanti BBVA Technology "Head of CRM and Customer Experience"

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