Evam, is a leading provider of next generation customer engagement paradigms, tools and systems to connect enterprises to their customers and help them stay in touch with them, has received an investment from CEECAT Capital, a leading private equity investor focusing on the high growth companies of Emerging Europe. With this investment, CEECAT now owns a majority stake in Evam.

Evam has delivered its platform since its founding in 2015 primarily in banking and telecommunications industries among other domains across the globe. Since 2017, Evam focused on global expansion with its Europe, US and CIS offices. Following this investment, Evam aims to accelerate growth and increase its global footprint.

Aims to Expand Its Global Operation Area and Network

EVAM CEO Bülent Demirkurt said: ‘We are proud of the recognition and investment by CEECAT Capital, one of the leading investment funds in Emerging Europe. Since we started this journey 6 years ago, we aimed being a global company. We proved our claim with our global offices opening in America, the Netherlands and Russia in our second year. The agreement we signed today will enable our company to expand its global reach and network. I would like to thank my colleagues, business partners and customers for their contributions. I am sure that Evam will be a well-known and recognized technology company globally very soon.’

CEECAT Capital Partner Anthony Stalker also commented that: ‘One of our themes is to invest into companies which has the potential to emerge as one of the regional/global leaders in its core industry. Evam has proven its capabilities and attractiveness in the regional/global arena via acquiring customers in Europe, US and CIS. We would like to enhance existing strong core management team and invest into human capital backbone of Evam to catalyze its next phase of growth. Our target is enabling Evam to fulfill its potential to emerge as a regional leader in global emerging markets via a successful shareholder transition.”

About EVAM

Evam is a leading provider of next-generation customer engagement paradigms, tools, and systems to connect enterprises to their customers and help them stay in touch with them through sustainable, mutually rewarding journeys that treat each customer as a unique individual. Evam empowers banks, telecommunication companies, and others to process billions of interactions and ensure the right action is taken in real-time to derive maximum business value.

Evam’s unique solutions help enterprises to explore the power of big data and benefit from continuous and high-frequency insights. Evam gives the ability to take the right actions from the right channel in real-time and helps answer business challenges. Evam is used to increase revenue, retain customers, improve customer experience, reduce operational costs, detect fraud and acquire more customers. With Evam, a telco or bank can prevent losing a customer by making a personalized offer at the right time, an airline or retail company can engage each customer based on their context to improve satisfaction.

Evam’s platform offers an out-of-the-box solution for enterprises to engage with their customers. Enterprises have the shortest time-to-market with Evam’s visual drag-and-drop interface, which enables business strategies to turn into live running journeys and scenarios to generate immediate results.

Evam is recognized by global analysts and is listed as a leader in real-time customer engagement and event stream processing. Evam is currently being used by many leading companies around the world to interact with over 600 million end-users in more than 35 countries every day.


CEECAT Capital is a leading private equity and private credit investor, focused on high-growth markets of Emerging Europe and Central Asia. CEECAT Capital’s investment focus is on SMEs and emerging Midcap companies with an emphasis on developmental impact as a consequence of our investment. CEECAT Capital operates with a team of 25 people out of five offices London, Luxembourg, Bucharest, Istanbul and Almaty.

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