Mobile World Congress 2022: Key Elements of Digital Transformation

I wanted to share the projects that caught my attention and the industry-related things I noted after attending Mobile World Congress, which is held every year during the last week of February in Barcelona, Spain, and is considered one of the world’s largest trade events in the tech business.

Despite the lack of interest in the previous two years due to the pandemic, the trade show took place this year with over 60,000 people in attendance – I still believe the pandemic had an impact on this year’s attendance rate – with the themes of CloudNet, 5G Connectivity, Internet of Everything (IoE), FinTech, sustainability, Tech Horizon, and AI Advance.

With 1500 corporations from 155 countries in attendance, practically every brand prioritized the theme of “sustainability.” It was interesting to see how some companies promoted sustainability by merging nature and technology, with big green plants in their booths and a virtual blue sky.

Other than sustainability, I would say that one of the most popular topics was FinTech. The telecom operators and big players at the event wanted to show that they were active in the FinTech market by putting forth their apps in this field. Another topic that garnered the attention of industry professionals was 5G and the advancements in 5G apps. While the applications of 5G for smart homes and smart cities have been clearly shown at the stands of the companies, my attention was especially drawn by one telecom company’s app, which they’d started using in a stadium in the Gulf region. This app, which uses 5G technology and can be managed via cell phone, creates a unique experience for visitors by providing them guidance in various areas, from giving directions at the parking lot to finding the optimum parking spot for their vehicle. This technology, which provides the ability to call self-driven vehicles on the app, go to any area you wish with said vehicles, and return to the spot you parked your vehicle in, delivers an unmatched customer experience by creating solutions that hit the nail on the head according to visitors’ needs. This app also takes your order by following the instructions you give via robots in the food – beverage section, and serves it to you. The remote games that were set up in Orange’s booth also showcased the power of 5G. They provided participants with the opportunity to have different experiences with remote controlled race cars by connecting to a racecourse they built in their laboratory in Paris from their booth in Barcelona using 5G technology, with there being no latency or lag despite the thousand-kilometer distance between the two locations.

Personalization and taking actions in real-time were once again among the functions that stood out at MWC. The concept of reaching a customer through the channel they want – personalization is becoming invaluable. For this reason, other companies manage this for organizations, providing the communication they would have with their end-users for them. This enables companies to adapt to smart home and smart workplace apps. As EVAM, our priority is to make individuals feel special through the solutions we provide to reach the end-users. Our ability to reach the right customer at the right time with the right message through the right channel by processing data in real-time and taking personalized actions in milliseconds is what forms our competitive power. Through the products we offer companies, we understand customers’ behavior and give instantaneous feedback, and provide the opportunity to increase surplus value by communicating in real-time.

At this trade show where cloud and cloud technologies were at the forefront, it’s fair to say that the software world is aware they could reduce their costs by improving their technology and investing in this field. A product that meets the needs of a company today becomes obsolete tomorrow, and a completely new technology is needed. For this reason, the industry prefers to invest more in their own technologies in this field. At this trade show where digitalization is presented as a never-ending concept, we understand that a tech company who has not completed their digitalization will be limited in their success.

Ahmet Kurtul, SEMEA Regional Manager

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