How Real-Time Campaigns Increase Customer Retention

Real-time campaigns are a powerful way to improve CX with data-driven and customer-centric approaches. Because it’s in real-time, the data is reliable for many companies touching their customers. Upfront, there appears to be potential for real-time campaigns, but how do they work? And how do real-time campaigns increase customer retention? Essentially, we’re looking for ways to convert potential into actual.

Multichannel Unification for Real-time Campaigns

There is rarely just one method of communication or interaction between you and your customers. Phone calls, social media chats, tweets—they’re all forms of communication that, when combined, can help real-time campaigns increase customer retention.

By unifying multichannel operations, your team gets a clearer picture of who they’re talking to. You better understand the voice and the issues a single customer faces by merging data across multiple channels. This allows you to communicate strongly and deliver a more approachable response because you understand your customer better.

Personalization and humanization of a company always helps to retain customers. Unifying the data from your outreach channels helps your business appear more human, and thus more approachable and desirable.

Personalized Messages through Machine Learning

Not all customers are the same, and so they shouldn’t be treated the same. This is evident when scanning through data related to individual customers. One person might react well to certain messages or avoid interaction entirely with others.

Customer retention can increase through machine learning by understanding their methods of interaction, preferred channels, and positive messaging reactions. Your real-time campaigns can target individuals through this process and invite them to remain a customer by feeding them messages they react well to.

This is also a cost-effective approach to customer retention, as now there are fewer hit-and-miss tactics. Machine learning allows for completely personalized recommendations for your real-time campaigns.

Helping in Crises with Real-time Campaign Engagement

On the surface, the last thing someone wants in times of crisis is a new recommendation for a service they’ve never heard of, or to continue paying for one when they’re struggling. However, real-time campaign engagement can help an individual through times of crisis (i.e., the current pandemic).

Through real-time campaigns, the customer journey can veer towards services and ideas that are beneficial to them in a time of crisis. What’s more, if this is a customer you’ve had for a while, machine learning can promote specific services to them based on their prior activity.

In fact, customer journeys may be paused altogether based on a customer’s fears and interactions seen through real-time campaign data. Sometimes, the best approach is to stop and say, “we understand that you need a break right now and we’ll check in on you later.” It’s important to remember that these are real people you’re dealing with.

On the flip side, you can use real-time campaign data to target and prioritize vulnerable people. This sounds nefarious, but it can be used to help them find services that will calm them and get the support they are desperate for.

Discover Why Customer Journey Planning Is Important for Your Business

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