A qualified lead represents a prospective customer who meets specific predefined criteria aligned with your business requirements. Qualified leads are those individuals who willingly provide information, indicating genuine interest, and are not obtained through purchased leads or databases.

Qualified leads are typically classified into three categories:

1. Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs): These are leads that meet the minimum criteria to warrant ongoing marketing outreach efforts.

2. Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs): These leads are sufficiently qualified for sales outreach and engagement.

3. Product Qualified Leads (PQLs): These leads have experienced significant value from your product, often through a free trial or freemium model.

Each organization must establish its own criteria for MQLs, SQLs, and PQLs based on its marketing, sales, and product-driven objectives.

Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL):

An MQL is someone who has met the initial criteria to continue engagement with the aim of guiding them through the marketing funnel and eventually passing them to the sales team for further evaluation and conversion.

To qualify a lead as an MQL, you typically require early data points such as:

– Lead Name

– Company Name

– Email Address

– Industry or Vertical

– Contact Number

– 1-2 questions to assess interest, such as identifying pain points, aiding in the development of a targeted marketing approach.

Sales Qualified Lead (SQL):

Unlike MQLs, SQLs exhibit characteristics such as budget information, heightened interest levels, company size, the lead’s role within the company, number of employees, or industry-specific attributes. In account-based marketing campaigns, new leads from the target list can be expedited as SQLs.

To qualify a lead as an SQL, early data points may include:

– Interest in speaking with sales representatives

– Requesting a demo or quote

– Company Size

– Buying Intent