Email deliverability hinges on the capability to successfully deliver emails to recipients’ inboxes. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) play a pivotal role in determining email reputation and deliverability, preferring to deliver emails from senders with trusted IP addresses and domains, primarily based on past interactions with quality emails.

The effectiveness of email delivery is intricately tied to the reputation of your IP address and domain. A favorable reputation, typically achieved through consistent sending practices and minimal spam reports, earns trust from ISPs, resulting in placement of your emails in recipients’ inboxes rather than relegating them to spam or junk folders.

Subscriber engagement with your email campaigns significantly influences email deliverability. Key factors include:

Engagement Levels: Positive actions such as opening emails and clicking on links enhance your reputation and subsequently, your deliverability.

Lack of Engagement: Conversely, if subscribers are disengaged and regularly delete, mark as spam, or unsubscribe from your emails, it adversely impacts your reputation and deliverability.

Spam Reports: Reports of spam can severely tarnish your reputation. Therefore, maintaining clean email recipient lists is crucial to prevent recipients from flagging your emails as spam. Additionally, ensuring valuable and relevant content is vital.

Various tools are available to aid in reputation enhancement, but it’s imperative to adopt a long-term perspective. Implementing double opt-ins can verify that subscribers are authentic users genuinely interested in receiving your content, reducing the likelihood of them marking your emails as spam and facilitating the creation of a high-quality email recipient list.

Enhancing or establishing a positive reputation can be accomplished through IP warming, a method involving gradually increasing email sends to a small, engaged group. Regularly pruning disengaged email addresses ensures that your list comprises interested users, mitigating the risk of inadvertently triggering spam traps associated with outdated email addresses. By taking these measures and monitoring your sender score, you can maintain healthy email deliverability.