Customer permissions encompass the requests made by brands to members of their audience concerning access to personal information, device features, and other functionalities related to the website or mobile device.

These requests may involve access to customer data, such as contact details or location, authorization to send various types of messages like push notifications or emails, or permission to utilize specific device features like the camera. The permissions granted by customers regarding their data determine the extent to which brands can collect detailed information about them and incorporate personalization into their communication efforts.

Upon receiving an opt-in request, customers grant permission for the use of a particular channel for marketing communication. The authorization provided by customers dictates whether marketers can utilize those channels to interact with them and send specific types of messages. Obtaining opt-ins from customers is essential for brands to send messages via those channels, as doing so without permission can result in dissatisfaction and potential customer attrition.

Customer permissions play a pivotal role in the development of effective modern marketing strategies.