Customer behavior encompasses all actions taken by customers in relation to your brand through engagement with marketing campaigns across various channels. These behaviors are user actions that brands monitor and analyze to enhance their marketing endeavors. Marketers focus on discerning both actions and inactions that provide insights for building relationships. In the realm of mobile platforms, such behaviors typically entail forms of engagement like views, downloads, opt-ins, or purchases.

Understanding the types of customer behavior data that your CRM and CDP can gather is crucial, as it enables leveraging this information to target specific behaviors through personalized marketing campaigns. Identifying which interactions and behaviors contribute to achieving your objectives is insightful.

For instance, if your objective is to “increase engagement within one month of app download,” you may concentrate on monitoring the impact of your efforts on metrics such as app opens, activity levels, or responses to offers in push notifications. Additionally, identifying triggers that encourage users to remain on the app for longer durations is essential. Valuable insights can also be gleaned regarding the most responsive times of day and the types of outreach that prompt users to click and explore further.

The data collected aids in refining segmentation and personalization efforts, thereby enhancing the likelihood of reaching the appropriate audience with the relevant message, at the opportune moment, through the appropriate channel.