Cross-selling represents a savvy marketing tactic aimed at increasing revenue and the average order value per session by suggesting additional products that complement the customer’s initial interest. An advanced AI-driven recommendation engine can analyze past browsing history and current customer behavior to offer tailored suggestions. For instance, if a customer orders a burger through a restaurant app, the app may suggest upgrading to a meal with fries and a beverage. Customers are more inclined to accept such recommendations, perceiving added value in purchasing a meal at a slightly discounted rate.

Cross-selling can occur in real-time as customers browse products on a website or mobile app, allowing brands to promptly enhance their average order value. However, the process extends beyond that initial interaction. Brands can continue targeting customers even after a purchase is completed by leveraging other marketing channels to engage them. Recommending complementary products through email and push notifications serves as an effective means to re-engage customers and drive conversions, even after they have left the website or app.