App stickiness refers to the frequency with which users return to your app and engage in activities. In the realm of mobile app marketing, stickiness reflects the app’s memorability, utility, and ability to become a habit for users. It quantifies the percentage of users who consistently revisit the app on a monthly basis. To compute app stickiness, divide your Daily Active Users (DAUs) by your Monthly Active Users (MAUs) and multiply the result by 100:

App Stickiness = (DAU / MAU) * 100

This metric is pivotal for gauging user engagement and not only indicates whether users are actively using your app but also reveals the frequency of their engagement. To enhance app stickiness, it’s imperative to comprehend user behavior and discern what motivates them to revisit and utilize your app.

Make app stickiness a focal metric that you routinely monitor to enhance user experience and mitigate churn rates. It significantly influences decisions pertaining to app design, development, and marketing initiatives.

After gaining insights into users’ app usage patterns, it’s essential to ensure that they undertake valuable actions by measuring conversions. Conversion encompasses various user actions beyond mere product purchases, such as account creation, login activities, or exploration of specific product categories. The key lies in defining diverse user behaviors and evaluating the frequency of desired conversions.

To bolster app stickiness, devise campaigns that encourage users to engage in actions that deliver substantial customer value. These initiatives are pivotal for fostering long-term user loyalty and retention.