An engaged user refers to an individual who regularly and meaningfully utilizes your product or services within a specified timeframe. These active users are typically categorized and evaluated based on their frequency of interaction, as follows:

– Daily Active User (DAU): Individuals who engage with the product or service on a daily basis.

– Weekly Active User (WAU): Individuals who interact with the product or service at least once per week.

– Monthly Active User (MAU): Individuals who engage with the product or service a few times per month or less frequently.

For instance, in the context of an online media publication, an active user would be someone who consistently logs into their account.

The Importance of Tracking Active Users:

Establishing a loyal and sustainable customer base is a primary objective for any business. Monitoring the traffic to your app or website offers insights into the number of users exploring your offerings, returning after initial visits, and engaging with your platform regularly.

Each active user represents a potential customer. Therefore, effectively engaging and retaining these users are critical factors for business success. Monitoring your active user base enables you to understand the level of interest in your service on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. However, it’s essential to actively engage these users to ensure their continued return.

Once you’ve established a baseline for your active users, tracking this metric over time provides a valuable benchmark for assessing and enhancing business performance. Nonetheless, it’s important to remember that active user metrics are not the sole indicators of growth. Incorporating measurements such as DAUs, WAUs, and MAUs, while setting corresponding goals, serves as a straightforward approach to fostering business growth.