Relationship marketing is centered on cultivating, nurturing, and sustaining mutually beneficial connections between customers and brands over an extended period. Its primary objective extends beyond customer loyalty to fostering loyal brand advocates who actively promote the brand through referrals. This is achieved through the development of tailored customer journeys and the enhancement of user experiences within the application.

While the origins of relationship marketing can be traced back to traditional face-to-face interactions between consumers and local businesses, the advent of mobile technology has enabled marketers to nurture such relationships with customers on a global scale.

Through the utilization of push notifications, emails, and various digital communication channels, marketers can now deliver personalized value throughout the customer journey. This empowers customers to express their preferences and exert greater influence over their interactions with the brand, thereby strengthening the customer-brand bond and aligning the interests of both parties.

Retention emerges as a pivotal objective in relationship marketing. Given the arduous and costly nature of acquiring new customers, it becomes imperative for brands to foster customer loyalty and preserve their existing customer base. Consequently, brands are tasked with establishing enduring relationships with their customers.