Evam Intelligence is a real-time machine-learning tool that allows enterprises to connect with their customers by continuously training AI.

It uses data-driven predictive and real-time machine learning algorithms to take interactions to the next level by learning in real-time what the most relevant action is.
Select machine learning models from the catalog.
Select your model features.
Create your learning flow with your business logic.
Visually track and analyze your models.
Create a prediction flow with your business logic.

How It Works

Evam Intelligence

Key Functions

Evam Product
Learn in real-time, predict as needed

Every customer is unique and special. Touch your customers in the most personalized way through every stage of their journey.

Evam Product
Discover the most frequent customer paths

Draw your strategies in just a few clicks, design even complicated journeys in minutes and monitor your business output on the dashboard.

Evam Product
Always be sure to use the best model

Jumpstart to design your customers/things journey in 4 weeks.

Evam Product
Business logics powered with ML

Communicate seamlessly across each communication channel with a unified voice.

Evam Product
Prediction services for your company

No codes needed! Bring customer journeys to life without any technical support and IT complexity.

Evam Product
Manage all models on a single platform

Your customers’ privacy matters. Evam ensures the security of your customers’ confidentiality by not storing any data on its system.