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Real-Time Streaming Analytics

Design your customers’ journeys & act as it happens. Don’t miss the chance to engage in today’s connected world.

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Evam Actions is a customer journey orchestrator that allows enterprises to draw customer journeys and interact with their customers at the right time from the right channel with personalized actions.

Evam action
Be aware of what is happening or not happening.
Know how to interact with your customers in the way that's most convenient for them.
Predefine when and how to interact.
Design your customers’ journeys in just a few steps.
Bring your business strategies to life.

Key Functions

Evam Product
Actor Based Platform

Every customer is unique and special. Connect with your customers in the most personalized way through every stage of their journey.

Evam Product
Simplified Visualization

Draw your strategies in just a few clicks, design even complicated journeys in minutes and monitor your business output on the dashboard.

Evam Product
Fastest Implementation

Start designing your company’s and customers’ journey in 4 weeks.

Evam Product
Omni-Channel Experience

Communicate seamlessly across each communication channel with a unified voice.

Evam Product
Business Users in Control

No codes needed! Bring customer journeys to life without any technical support and IT complexity.

Evam Product
GDPR Compliant

Your customers’ privacy matters. Evam ensures the security of your customers’ confidentiality by not storing any data on its system.