Collecting High-Quality Data

EVAM helps you analyze customer behaviors and take real-time actions to improve customer experience. Whether you are running a financial services, telecommunication or retail company, EVAM enables you to connect with your customers with personalized and relevant messages as they need your assistance, support, offer, or any other interaction.

  • Companies need to regularly update their strategy and adopt a strong approach towards customer satisfaction by analyzing their needs before any dissatisfaction occurs. Collecting high-quality data in real-time provides a huge advantage in detecting your customers’ behavior in any digital environment and taking action before any losses are incurred.

Build an End-to-End Customer Experience through Evam Marketing AI capabilities.

With EVAM, you can connect to your customers with personalized offers as they need any interaction.

  • EVAM provides an end-to-end customer journey orchestration platform for every step of their journey, introducing your new product, reaching out to a customer having trouble with their PIN code, offering an irresistible service to the customer who is interested or making a cross-sell.