At the Webrazzi Digital 2022 Event, which was held on March 16th at the Wyndham Grand Istanbul Levent, technologies such as the Metaverse and NFTs that deeply impact the manner in which businesses are conducted, communication, and marketing were put under the microscope. But perhaps due to my selective perception, the observations made regarding the changes in marketing professionals’ skill sets and consumers’ expectations piqued my interest much more.

Can Marketers Create a Personalized Experience for Millions of People Simultaneously?

Revolutions are happening one after the other with the rise of big data, 5G, Augmented Reality, Metaverse, and NFTs. The world is going through an accelerated digital transformation. For this reason, marketers need to broaden their digital skill set. In fact, not just marketers, but individuals in various other professional fields such as musicians, lawyers, artists, and academicians need to have digital skills in order to be successful. Concurrently, the whole world is in urgent need of these skills to be able to shape a future that is more inclusive and sustainable. From health applications to climate solutions, digital talents save lives, create meaningful resources of income, and increase prosperity.

Another topic that is directly connected to this subject is the change in consumers. Online customers seek a response in 5 minutes or less. In fact, modern consumers seek not just a quick response time, but individual experiences that are personalized and unique to them. Speed and comfort are more important to customers than ever, and brands that provide that instant gratification have a big competitive advantage.

So, it is without a doubt a quite difficult task for new gen marketers to meet consumers’ expectations regarding “right now” and “personalized experiences”. How is a banking or telecommunications company with millions of customers supposed to make personalized offers to every single one of their customers? The answer to that question is digitalization. As EVAM, where I serve as the Marketing Director, we respond to this exact need that companies have. We empower the large companies we work with to take personalized actions not even in minutes but in merely milliseconds by processing the billions of data that are generated at every touchpoint between them and their millions of customers in real-time.

We are recognized by world-renowned analyst firms as a leader in real-time customer engagement” and “data analytics”. Numerous world-leading banking, telecommunication, airline, and retail companies, including eight out of the ten biggest banks and the top three telecommunications operators in Turkey, reach more than 600 million end users in more than 15 countries every day through EVAM’s solutions. For businesses to be able to compete and stay afloat, they must go beyond data analytics and take advantage of real-time engagements.

Ali Sarı

Marketing Director


Evam Team

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