All businesses, especially financial services, insurance companies, communication service providers, retail companies, airlines have to deploy intelligent solutions to enhance the user experience.

All businesses, especially financial services, insurance companies, communication service providers, retail companies, airlines have to deploy intelligent solutions to enhance the user experience.

These intelligent solutions yield reduced churn, increased customer loyalty, and improved revenue generation stats. Having full visibility of the client-related data and insights is critical for every company. Especially when it comes to shaping the customer experience positively for a better outcome. Without using the data and gaining these insights, business managers face challenges and operational limitations that no business can afford in the current competitive market.

Enhance Customer Experience with Streaming Analytics

Streaming analytics or stream processing is the analysis and monitoring of the huge in-motion and current data through the stream events. A specific action, a web post, a financial transaction, or an online purchase may trigger these streams as the outcome of the special event. Organizations and customer-experience experts use these streams from data-in-motion to extract the points that may help them to enhance their services, products, or business operations.

Deploying these ML and AI-based solutions and analytic tools may not be possible for every organization due to technical limitations. At this point, EVAM helps SMEs and CSPs to shape customer journeys and experience in an effective way. EVAM can help a wide range of businesses and organizations to mitigate the risks and threats before they impact the regular business flow.

Situational Awareness with Streaming Analytics

As problems and challenges start surfacing in the quality service sector, the whole customer experience cycle will take the damage. Fraudulent activities, bogus transactions, dropped calls, poor customer experience keep pushing your business, and the end-user start having a bad experience with your services and products. Not leveraging the streaming analytics simply means that you are exposing your business operations to bigger threats and if these threats are not detected on time, you may end up losing a bunch of potential customers with every passing moment.

Customer Experience Monitoring with Streaming Analytics

Predictive and situation analysis are essential to optimize the customer experience of your clients, users, and subscribers. Imagine if telecommunication operators can detect the call connection failure due to bad weather conditions, they can easily reroute the other users without having major connection failure for the millions of the users.

The same goes for every organization and the business sector where millions of customers and users are relying on the same service or application. Streaming analytics can effectively detect and mitigate threats before any disruption is caused for the masses.

Improve Customer Experience Strategy with Real-time Marketing Strategy

If an organization can monitor or track the activity of their subscribers or users, they can equip their business with micro-targeted and personalized solutions, offers, and promotions. Highly-relevant and targeted marketing campaigns are more likely to generate more revenue and increase conversions, deeper connections with the customers. If telecom companies can infer that a user is about the turn off his subscription due to international travel, they may offer a limited-time offer for that user and help him to avoid international roaming charges. Batch data cannot help organizations to deal with such ever-changing statistics. As a customer journey orchestration platform through using streaming data, EVAM offers state of the art steaming analytics and monitoring services to enhance and optimize the user experience for any business sector. Also, offers real-time omnichannel marketing solution.

Detecting and responding to severe threats is the key element in business success to boost business productivity and reduce operational costs and then operational efficiency. Leveraging streaming analytics and individualized analytics with EVAM increases your response rate against business challenges and limitations posed by different business events.


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