Now that we have welcomed 2024, we’re delighted to take a moment and spotlight how we went far beyond meeting our goals in 2023. Throughout a year of bold steps and breakthroughs, our team’s relentless drive for innovation and excellence has propelled us to new heights in the Martech world.

Here are some of the key highlights for you not to miss:

πŸ“ˆ Increased our revenue by 64%

🌍 Expanded our global footprint with offices in Pakistan & Singapore.

πŸ’‘ Launched over 50 new features and 2 new groundbreaking products are on the way!

πŸ† Recognized by the Forrester report β€œThe Cross-Channel Marketing Hubs Landscape Q1 2023” and bagged the Martech Award for Best CRM Technology.


Evam Team

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