A New Era of Humanity in the Business World

A new era of humanity is beginning in the business world. Korn Ferry presents compelling data regarding this new era with their report “Future of Work Trends 2022: The new era of humanity”. Employees are asking more humane questions regarding their work, and they rightfully don’t want to be seen as a cog in the machine. Their search for a purpose is increasing. On the other hand, despite economic growth, people’s skills aren’t aligning with tasks that are high in demand. As digital innovations continue increasing, this gap in talent continues breaking records. And now, there is a much fiercer competition to win over new talents. According to the survey in the report, almost one third of employees (31%) are considering switching jobs.

For example, approximately 3% of the workforce in the US, one of our global markets, resigned in October 2021. This phenomenon caused a new term to emerge: The Great Resignation. The originator of the term, Anthony Klotz, who is an Associate Professor of Management at Texas A&M University, states that “For talented individuals in high-demand industries like tech, we’re seeing a lot of movement. People are finding jobs that give them the right pay, benefits, and work arrangements in the longer term.”

Compared to the new job opportunities that emerged during the post-war economic boom, or to the colossal loss of employment during the Great Depression, the large-scale movements in today’s job market are much more different than previous big changes. Grace Lordan, who is an Associate Professor in Behavioral Science at London School of Economics, states that “What’s unique here is that people in professional work now have a choice. Now, IT professionals are in such high demand that there’s a skill shortage.”

​​Today, on top of finding the right talent, it’s incredibly important to protect the talents you have. In that case, we’re heading towards the right direction as EVAM. We are a leading tech company that specializes in empowering companies to manage their customer relations through real-time data processing and a next-gen digital approach. Thus, these advancements concern us the most. Consistently improving our work schedule and culture to one where our coworkers feel good in is of the utmost importance to us among our most crucial executive matters. The name change of our department from “Human Relations” to “Human and Culture” reflects this vision of ours as well.

We organize and renew our policies according to our employees’ needs so that they can be freer, happier, and more productive. The “human” is our most important value. With the pandemic entering our lives, new age working models have been implemented in Turkey and in the world. As EVAM, we had already established a principle of mutual trust with our employees long before the pandemic. At this point, our workplace changing with the options to work remotely and from home, being together with our families, and our employees being able to go through this period in a safe manner have all increased our performance. This is not only a period where the definition of a workplace changed, but also a period where consistency has become even more critical. It is extremely important to establish, primarily, the consistency of work, along with the consistency of communication, and the consistency of employees’ sense of responsibility and belonging towards their team and their company. In order to achieve this, we have implemented transparent channels of communication with our employees, uniting them with a single shared goal. We have allowed them to focus on the value we created and on the big picture, and thus, have created a highly motivated and successful organization. We will continue winning over new talents who enjoy competition in global markets to our company. 

Nowadays, what we refer to as “talent” is not limited to our industry, city, or country. Now, professionals live in a limitless environment. Today, with digitalization, we are able to form connections with people from various different regions in the world, deepen said connections, and conduct business from anywhere in Turkey. In this day and age, it’s not only important to find new talents and win them over, but to foster these talents as well. As EVAM, it has always been our objective to foster new talents in this industry, as we have conducted programs to do so for years, and henceforth, we will continue to conduct our programs not just in Turkey, but in other countries where we are active as well.

Tuğba Dandin Sümer

Global People & Culture Director

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