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Big Data – Big Danger?

Big Data – Big Danger?


Big data is the renaissance of data processing. This is only the starting point of a new data age. Starting with Machine2Machine communications, smart cities and enterprises, our life will change incredibly. This is the beginning of a revolution. With this revolution, what we are used to seeing in fantasy and sci-fi movies has started to appear in our real and everyday lives. It seems at some time, even ethical rules and laws will need to be changed accordingly.

In near feature, we will face with the real-time enterprise architectures and then, ¨future-time¨ enterprises. Enterprises and governments will be able to monitor, control and forecast the future in every manner. Even crimes will be able to be predicted before they happen. Image, video and voice processing will be merged with data-mining technologies to see the future. It is really frightening if it not used in right manner. It will be possible to capture all relations between persons from any photos or videos. Sentiment analysis of text will be followed by sentiment of voice and video and will be used for forecasting ¨next actions¨ of a person or system.

Amount of data will explode exponentially. Cooling technologies for computers will need to evolve as well to process this enormous amount of data. So this is the beginning of new age, which may be called Data-Driven Age.

As mentioned before, even laws will need to be rethought, because for example, if you know with 95 percent probability that some criminal action will take place (but has not happened yet), will it be possible to stop someone based on that that prediction?

All machines and many humans will be connected to the big system and will be monitored or controlled. Data will be the biggest power of not just companies but for governments as well. Personal rights will be redefined and need to be secured. And it will be harder and harder to do that.

Big data is the beginning of something that we don’t see the real end. It is like nuclear energy, hopefully it will be used for right way, in the right hands.