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Event Driven Contextual


Taking real-time actions in a contextual manner is one of the key elements in todays successful marketing. In the moment when your customer interacts with your company and do some event patterns, EVAM increases your awareness about what is going on and lets you take appropriate offering actions as a response.
EVAM can be used to design real-time scenarios to generate customer specific offers in real-time. Real-time nature gives the power of sending offers when the customer really needs it. Sending offer in the right time results in positive returns and high offer success rate.

Real Time Marketing

Customer Experience

Management (CEM)

EVAM enables companies to sense, analyze and act depending on customer/actor event patterns in real time to increase customer experiences or to seize the opportunities. EVAM CEM solution is the practice of actively listening to the Customer/System events and analyzing to create a basis for acting on better business decisions and then measuring the impact of those decisions to drive even greater operational performance and customer loyalty/experience. Through this solution, a company strategically organizes itself to manage a customer’s entire experience with its product, service or company. As important, CEM allows a company to tap into a unique set of cost savings and revenue drivers that can deliver greater profitability in all aspects of operations, analysis and strategy.



EVAM enables the users to deploy real time fraud detection business rules as scenarios, capture the potential fraud related activities and turn this detection to immediate actions to prevent any harmful activity.
EVAM-FM solution continuously monitors all integrated event sources fraudulent patterns. The automatic actions of EVAM-FM in case of a fraud detection can be generating alerts to related groups, prohibiting the further activities of potentially fraudulent accountant/users/subscribers/customers or calling any other pre-defined procedures. Users can define new fraud scenarios or revise existing scenarios to improve the performance of the system. EVAM detects fraud attempts and generates intelligent actions in real time.



EVAM helps enterprises to detect opportunities with visitors clicks on their web pages and take relevant actions such as showing banner, popup dialog box, recommend content etc. EVAM has ready integration scripts and needs few minutes for integration with your existing web sites.


Internet Of


The internet is shifting into it’s second phase with everyday objects connecting to the internet. By most estimates we expect around 50 billion things networked by the year 2020. The internet of things comes brings many opportunities to connect with the world around us and the opportunity to make our homes, factories and cities smart as well as responsive. EVAM provides real time capabilities to process the sensor data from connected Internet of Things objects and understand context to take real time action by making decisions and improving everything from quality of life to business profitability.



EVAM is a platform that helps loyalty management systems to deploy flexible and dynamic loyalty scenarios. It is possible to build multi tenant loyalty platform on top of EVAM streaming analytics platform. In the simplest terms, with streaming analytics a retailer now has the ability to interpret the relationships between data points, such as items sold within a market basket that drives higher purchase amounts, item(s) that drive higher likelihood of other purchases, trends of purchases made in-store or online over a period of time, patterns of repeat purchases, and other new insights from the deep analysis using the real time streaming data available.



In a typical network, there are several operating systems, network components and services that generates logs having valuable information. The Log Management Solution (EVAM-LM) uses the Log Centralization module to store and process these logs and uses the EVAM engine to perform further correlation. The Log Centralization (EVAM-LC) component provides several Collectors and FormatReaders to convert these logs to event sources to be used by EVAM engine for further processing.


There are several collectors defined in EVAM-LC. All EVAM-LC Collectors are capable of generating digitally signed time stamps of the collected log data. Collectors and their use-cases are:

  • SyslogCollector: Acts as a syslog engine and listens TCP/UDP ports for incoming syslog messages. In order to use this collector, you have to configure your services to send logs to a remote syslog engine.
  • LocalRawLogCollector: If your application/service generates custom log messages but does not write to syslog, this collector collects and sends log to event processing engine.
  • DbLogCollector: If your application writes its log to a database, this collector can pull logs periodically and feed processing engine with these logs.
  • FtpLogCollector: If non of above methods are applicable, system can send logs to evam ftp server and FtpLogCollector can collect these logs.

Format Readers

Collectors collects logs in raw format, you can connect any raw format via FormatReaders to processing engine. Predefined FormatReaders are listed but not limited to below:

  • AuditLogReader
  • CSV Reader
  • XML Reader
  • SyslogFormatReader
  • WindowsFirewallLogReader
  • WindowsIISLogReader
  • ApacheWebLogReader
  • CiscoIOSLogReader
  • CrontabLogReader
  • SshdLogReader
  • UnixPamLogReader
  • IPTablesLogReader
  • PFLogReader
  • NetscreenFWLogReader
  • CheckPointLogReader
  • ExchangeServerLogReader