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EVAM Platform
Fast Data

Data is fast

before it is big !

While large corporations have been focused on the variety and volume of data they manage, EVAM is being developed to seize on the opportunities presented by data velocity.



Fast Data promises the next stage of business disruption. EVAM is about “data in motion” and immediate response and action. It’s the velocity component of the Big Data triad.

Our Main



In Memory Computing

Data is processed as it comes in. All operations are performed in memory for maximum performance. EVAM has built-in caching mechanism that has several unique features optimized for real-time event processing. EVAM caches are accessible from outside of the platform by JDBC as well.


Advanced Analytics

EVAM has several analytic capabilities from streaming data (real time clustering, deep learning etc.). EVAM has analytic events that are generated via analytic engine depending on the coming event streams.


Scenario Driven

No Query No Coding is our motto, we provide a platform to business users that they can create, revise and deploy their own scenarios in hours or even in minutes. Both business and technical users understand same logic by the unique scenario interface.


Powerful Visualization

EVAM has built-in visualization tool and ready dashboards for each scenario. It makes possible instant access to stream processing and all scenario data.