Streaming Data Analytics has developed in recent years to focus on high frequency data, with real time processing and action. Streaming Data Analytics shifts focus from systems of record (“what were last quarter’s sales of product X?”), to real time insight and action (“what is Nancy most likely to buy, and what form of engagement will best influence her behavior?”). The field is evolving rapidly, with the Apache Foundation, Google, Amazon AWS, and Microsoft Azure launching new projects and services for real time streaming data. In this article we’ll review the architecture of Streaming Analytics solutions, outline a framework for evaluation, and suggest resources for further research. Streaming Analytics shifts our focus from being reactive to proactive.

While Streaming Analytics solutions can be implemented in a matter of days, they involve a range of capabilities and technologies.

This Evaluation Guide is organized into seven categories that align with organizational interests of Marketing, Finance, Operations, IT, and other groups. Each category includes a number of detailed topics.